Here how this app works

Check out what you can do with this app!

See what's around you

GeoWhisper shows you messages left around the world where they were written.
You can see details about a message like the whole content, when, and where it was posted only when you are close to it.

Whispering your thoughts

If you are near a landmark or a position with special meaning in your heart you can leave a message there to be found by others.
That's the only moment when registering in the app will be needed (it's quick and simple!).

All organized for you

Your profile will show all your messages left around. You can see how many likes they got or even delete them if you want.

Like your favorite whispers!

You can express that you liked a message left by anyone just swiping left a whisper in the main list or inside the whisper details by clicking on the ♡

Where are you?

Of course you can see a few whispers even if you don't allow access to your location but you won't be able to find them or post yours.
So to have a nicier experience with GeoWhisper you will be asked for your location permission.

Augmented Reality

Searching for whispers are even more fun if you use your camera together with AR: just click on the binoculars (bottom on the right) and point your phone to the landscape. You will be able to see up to 5 whispers around you.

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